18 Advanced Tips For Android 11

Powerful signal encryption doesn’t necessarily help if other people can see the incoming signal messages on your lock screen. There are many websites with a separate light version for mobile phones. These lightweight websites can store mobile data and are best viewed on mobile phones; however, if you want to see the original PC version of the website, you can change the browser settings. A great feature that not many people know is checking the date on Android with one touch. Just press the status bar on your phone and you will see the date at the top. While third-party apps and themes are great when you’re looking for minor changes, custom ROMs can change the entire user interface on your phone.

You have probably already used this program to configure your Chromecast. Open the app, touch Cast / Audio Screen on your menu and then choose your Chromecast. In version 5.1, Android has added factory reboot protection, which is good if your phone is ever stolen. The thief cannot restart and log into the phone without first knowing your Google password. However, you can also accidentally block the new owner of your phone if you sell it.

This is clear to some people, but not everyone plans to use the web-based Play Store. You can do the same things APN Settings here as on your phone, but faster. Applications and games can be purchased by plane and shipped to Android.

Select one of the categories on the screen to see a list of installed applications that can perform the default tasks. For example, if you prefer to chat with friends via Facebook Messenger, you can create your default message app instead of the built-in text app from your phone of the Facebook product. To configure it, tap the Overview button and choose which of your recently used applications you want to see.

Most Android devices have a custom user interface created by the device manufacturer (p. E.g. Samsung Experience launcher). This is an important part of the experience and the standard house is often not very powerful. Installing an alternative like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher can make your device much easier to use. You can use these applications to change icons, assign navigation gestures, organize applications and more. Every time you want to switch between installed home screens, just go to the Start menu in the system settings.

Use this icon to enable HDR when you want to take HDR photos Use your machine as a professional after mastering these useful Chromebook tips and tricks. You may even be able to help someone else or two who gets to know your Chromebook. After all, the platform is constantly adding new features, so be sure to come back as we update this article with more ways to keep enjoying your Chromebook.