5 Main Advantages Of Transparent LED Displays In Terms Of Application, Analysis Of The Weak Points Of Transparent Screens!

Each LED can be controlled individually, so you can make the entire screen look in one color or change color at will. Because they consist of millions of small lights, they are extremely bright and efficient: they use less power than other types of displays while maintaining a similar level of brightness. ● Buildings are generally based on glass curtain walls, which should be beautiful and light. The transparent LED wall has hardly any influence on the daytime running lights or aesthetics. It can be perfectly compatible with glass curtain walls and play video ads on them. ▸ Since it has transparent lighting, no additional heat dissipation equipment is needed and there is no centralized design of cabinet accessories.

If the LED glass curtain wall screen is installed, a large part of the exterior wall lighting can be saved. LED screens are more attractive, which can save costs and have advertising benefits. After installing the transparent LED screen, it takes up almost no space and does not interfere with other installations or structures near the glass curtain wall. The transparent LED display is extremely light in weight and the load requirement of the glass curtain wall on the back installed on it changes very little. Transparent LED display is becoming increasingly popular and market share and customer awareness are increasing. However, there are still many customers who don’t know much, are still waiting to see or don’t know how to implant transparent LED screens into their own scene designs.

Taking into account the viewing distance for different projects, RIGARD LED offers customized services to guide the choice of the most suitable pixel pitch. The image-free part of the transparent LED display is not heat, so the power consumption is lower than that of a traditional LED display, saving companies unnecessary costs. A transparent LED display is an innovative LED display solution that maximizes perspective led display manufacturer by reducing structural components to achieve a 55-90% transparent display. The image on your screen is created by programming the LEDs and displaying the relevant pixel colors on the assigned LEDs, where the lights come together to create the image. A transparent LED display not only maximizes the user needs mentioned above, but also achieves visual effects that exceed those of the traditional LED display.

● It’s transparent, bright and beautiful, and the super-high refresh rate screen is floating, imaginary, and grabs people’s attention. Future Display Solution – The advertising industry is in dire need of new ideas. It promotes business and can be used in many places, such as offices, hospitals, schools and supermarkets, etc. The LED display is usually set by removing the quadrilateral modules. Therefore, the full thickness of the LED display is in fact the thickness of the case. The module can be quickly and easily attached to the stand or adjusted with both hands.

Clear LED displays can instantly grab people’s attention and spur them to action with a lasting impression of your brand. To avoid noise, the display must be equipped with high-quality driver chips and a system to prevent noise pollution when the display is working. Tru Vue has over 25 years of experience and is produced in the country, which gives us a clear advantage when it comes to innovation in AR glass coating technology. Our Vista anti-glare glass offers maximum performance in terms of durability, scratch resistance and coating uniformity, making it the ideal choice for LED displays.

Cost-effective displays require less production time and are flexible for different applications. You can find these transparent LED displays in a wide variety of places. These transparent LED screens have a thickness of about 1 mm, which makes them very stylish and allows them to easily blend into their surroundings. The glass plates also have a standard interval distance of 5 μm in each section with liquid crystal material aligned to the screens. However, it is essential to keep screens at the best viewing distance. Therefore, many of these screens can be found in shopping malls, theater performances and other places.