Best Elden Ring Staff For Intelligence Builds

Elden Ring is a work of art that was crafted by FromSoftware, the developers of Elden Ring. They drew on all of their previous experiences in order to produce this masterpiece. The difficulty of Elden Ring is evidence of how carefully the story has been considered. After going through a large number of Elden Ring’s most popular threads, we came to the conclusion that it was high time to do the magic users of the world a favor and compile a list of the top Staff in Elden Ring. This facet of the game has received the praise that it deserves from fans, who have acknowledged that it has not gone unappreciated.

What Are Staffs in Elden Ring

It is common practice for Mages, Wizards, and Sorcerers to wield weapons similar to the Staff found in Elden Ring. In Elden Ring, one of the reasons why the Staff is considered to be one of the best weapons is because it enables you to cast incantations and spells that deal magic and elemental damage from a greater distance. The Mage class places a significant emphasis on the Intelligence stat. When it comes to defending against damage, this attribute makes the most significant contribution. In light of this, our guide will assist you in selecting the best early-game, middle-game, and late-game staff members available in the game.

We have provided a list of the minimum requirements that must be met in order to properly wield each staff. As usual, you can improve the attributes of the weapon by purchasing an upgrade from the Blacksmith or by leveling up your character appropriately. In addition, the intelligence builds made with these staves are superior to all others. The Prince of Death’s Staff is primarily scaled with Strength, Intelligence, and Faith, which receive grades of E, D, and D respectively. The amber in the staff is tainted, and the staff itself is embedded with tainted amber. Faith, six points of strength, and 18 points of intelligence are each required to wield the Prince of Death’s Staff. The physical damage, critical strike damage, and sorcery damage from its attacks are respectively 25, 100, and 144. Additionally, it is compatible with the Ashes of War expansion. This enables the user to enhance the staff and make the most of the resources available to them. The Astrologer’s Staff scales up to level E in strength and level C in intelligence, and it is compatible with Ashes of War and can be upgraded. The Astrologer’s Staff demonstrates just how powerful it can be by dealing 166 points of sorcery damage. The Carian Glintstone staff features a blue glintstone set into its handle, and it can be discovered on a dead body in the Carian study hall. The Carian Glintstone staff becomes unrivaled to many others if it is used correctly due to its sorcery damage of 163, its ability to be upgraded by smithing stones, and its ability to be infused with Ashes War. Both of these abilities can be combined. We believe that this intelligence build staff has the potential to be the best Elden Ring items (take a look) for you to use from the middle to the late game. The Crystal staff can be found in the crystal cave that is part of the academy. It has a scale of D and B and requires a strength and intelligence score of 48 and eight respectively. With a sorcery damage of 168, which is already very high, having the leverage to upgrade it with somber smithing stones goes very far.

Rotten Crystal Staff

The Rotten Crystal staff is the new coming of its predecessor, The Crystal staff, and features a slight upgrade in terms of its physical attack compared to The Crystal staff. The staff of the Rotten Crystal has access to everything that is available to the staff of The Crystal. In conclusion, either one of them will prove to be of some use to you if you are able to get a hold of them. It is possible that players are familiar with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, but they should avoid attempting to acquire it too early in the game.

There are quite a few other magical staffs that are superior to the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff and are much simpler to acquire. It is not possible to imbue the Glintstone Staff of the Lusat with the power of the Ashes of War. Aside from the fact that it can be upgraded with somber smithing stones, the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff also has the ability to take the skill of the weapon that you currently have in your hand.

Meteorite Staff When it comes to the early game, there is no contest: the Meteorite Staff is the undisputed champion.

The meteorite staff has a strength requirement of six and an intelligence requirement of 18, and it deals sixty points of damage via sorcery.

Personnel employed by the Guilty

The Staff of the Guilty is an excellent tool for practicing blood-thorn sorcery because it primarily scales with Strength rather than Faith. It requires a strength and faith rating of 8 and 12 respectively, and has a grade of D and C respectively. The fact that the staff of the Digger can be found so easily in the game makes it an excellent choice for the beginning of the game, and you should make the most of it until you progress further. It has a sorcery damage of 146, can be upgraded using smithing stones, and can be infused with the ashes of war, all of which contribute to the high regard in which it is held during the early game. Ashes of War are unable to be infused into the Glintstone Staff of Azur, but it is possible to upgrade it using somber smithing stones. It requires a strength and intelligence rating of D and B, and the requirements are 10 and 52 points respectively. Fans were won over by its ability to strike an opponent from a greater distance, despite the fact that it was a staff (get some runes for it). The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff primarily scales with the character’s Strength stat.

The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is an excellent weapon for beginners because it requires low levels of strength (6) and intelligence (10), but it still does its job effectively. You can also improve it by using smithing stones, which means that you can keep using The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff even after you have progressed through the storyline of the game.

We used the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff for the majority of our first playthrough of Elden Ring, and it allowed us to create some excellent intelligence and int/dex builds. The Academy Glintstone Staff has a strength requirement of six and an intelligence requirement of 28, and it is graded E and B. If a player chooses to begin his Elden Ring adventure as a mage, he will already have sufficient beginning resources for getting started.

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