Fundraising For Silent Auctions

Now it’s time to discuss the mechanics of your silent auction, which brings us to another of our favorite silent auction rules…Go mobile! As I mentioned earlier, silent auctions are a common item that can be found at most fundraisers around the country. However, most silent auctions have not progressed in previous traditional formats – that is, silent auction bid sheets. Actual bid sheets limit engagement, participation and proceeds for fundraising.

Previously, organizations had to close items by category, collect offer sheets, manually identify winners, and then take the winners’ payments. In addition, the winners had to wait in a long queue, which did not provide a very positive event experience. To set up an online event page, you need help from the auction software.

After that, your organization will need to make records of all your items in your auction program. The Item and Package Management module must contain fields so that you can enter all the important information about your items, including the item name and description. The name and contact information of silent auction ideas the donor of the item; the market value of the item, the starting offer and the minimum level amounts. A common feature of the silent auction program is the ability to create event pages and registration forms. Organizations should look for a tool that allows them to customize the design and layout.

Instead, you can safely get the same level of information through your computer screen. In addition, moderators do not need to take a big break from their daily routine. You can indulge in a private lesson from the comfort of your home or office. Our second rule of silent auction is to find the right balance of silent auction items.

These silent auction rules include legal items, bidder registration, item descriptions, bidding procedures and payment procedures, and some regulatory advice. If the silent auction has come to an end, and some items have not yet received bids, under no circumstances should you lower the item prices. Traditionally, the donors who could participate in a silent auction were limited to those who are close to their event. Since the silent auction software allows you to create offers on your mobile phone, it will be easier for anyone to participate in your fundraiser. Knowing how to conduct a successful silent auction is only half the battle.

To learn more about this, read our post about the best silent auction items. In addition to a variety of silent auction item categories, we strongly recommend finding the right number of items. Some people might be tempted to think that more items are always better. However, this is often not the case – buying items can overwhelm your guests with too many options, resulting in low participation in your silent auction.

However, if no one agrees to the fixed purchase amount, the person who made the highest offer wins the item. Another advantage of silent auctions is that they provide an opportunity for supporters of the organization to get involved and get to know each other. Those who donate an item to the auction will be recognized, and participants will be able to chat and socialize while browsing and bidding on auction items.

We can say that it is usually not a good idea to include prices in your offer sheets. This is because this can create a glass ceiling in the minds of your guests about how much they should try. Alternatively, you can increase the perceived value of the item, which can affect bids more than the selling price. Instead of displaying the price of the items, mark the products and their task. By omitting the price, bids can rise freely if guests think they are worth it. With Covid-19, most nonprofits are opting for online channels and virtual means to manage their silent auctions.