Get To Know The Powerful Payment Solution

Millions of mobile users who have not yet joined any of the platforms and existing users could be induced to try other wallets if they offer a superior user experience, better discounts or more features. Shakti says that in the early days of GO-PAY, it was difficult for many drivers to top up their accounts on their own, either at an ATM or through mobile banking. They preferred someone else to do it for them, like a cashier at the supermarket (which is why GOJEK also allows GO-PAY refills at convenience stores). Nevertheless, Go-Jek is likely to face strong competition from other transport services in Indonesia. Grab of competitors now offers its own digital payment service GrabPay.

But Go-Jek has expanded its range of services far beyond Go-Ride, its taxi offer. Users can also order groceries, hire couriers and pay bills, among other things. GoPay now handles payments for many of Go-Jek’s transactions: The company’s CEO, Nadiem Makarim, told Bloomberg this month that GoPay is now used for more than half of them.

The “More” tab will take you to a screen with additional features, such as requesting money from another user and withdrawing the balance from your wallet to a bank account. However, in order to access these features, Go-Pay will ask you to update your account. You photograph your local ID, driver’s license or passport. You also need to take a photo of yourself with the identity document and a photo of your signature.

Now you can transfer money directly from your GO-PAY balance to your account at no additional cost! Just follow these 7 easy steps to make the GO-PAY transfer. According to Haryopratomo, Go-Pay is currently the country’s leader in the e-wallet sector, where online credits can be used for in-app purchases of goods and services or from partner merchants. If you have a balance in your Go-Pay wallet, the money will be deducted from there by default for travel, food or other services that you book through the application. This does not mean that Go-Jek can rest on his laurels. Mobile money is a phenomenon that is beginning to develop, which makes the situation dynamic.

Organically, many drivers are beginning to understand the non-monetary benefits of switching to digital technology. And most importantly, they are now included slot via gopay in the formal financial system. Over time, financial inclusion has been shown to improve the well-being of the previously poor without a bank account.

After successful replenishment of the balance, your GoPay can be used for various transactions on Gojek. In addition, it also allows you to make digital transactions on the marketplace in cooperation with Gojek or physical stores that provide payment tools with Gopay. Therefore, for users who do not have digital payment instruments, one option is to create a GoPay account. GO-PAY Wire Transfer is another amazing feature that allows GO-PAY users to simplify their daily life.

Multiply this by 2 million GOJEK driver partners and more than 300,000 MSME dealers, and it can easily become a solution for Indonesia to improve financial inclusion. Consumers load money into their GoPay wallet through cash payment to Gojek drivers, ATMs, SMS or online banking and pay simply by confirming the order and entering their PIN. A post-payment service is also offered, in which all transactions are combined into a single invoice, which must be paid at the end of the month. With a verified GoPay account and the Gojek app, no fees or minimum balances are required to open a Jago bank account.