Italy Travel Tips: 30 Things You Should Know Before Visiting

With these handy travel tips before visiting Italy, you’re now in a better position to make the most of your heavenly getaway to “Bel Paese,” the beautiful country. Some restaurants, gift shops or taxis in Italy may not accept plastic money. Be prepared in case you come across a beautiful piece of art you want to buy or stop at a rooftop bar to enjoy classic Italian wine, and credit cards are not accepted. Fortunately, train stations and large establishments accept plastic money. A good overview of what to expect in one of Europe’s most popular destinations. It can be a real culture shock to visit Italy for beginners.

Italian culture is clearly different from that of other countries, particularly the United States of America. If you pay for dinner with a card, you’ll probably need to bring cash for a tip! With ticket machines in most restaurants in Europe, you can’t leave a tip on your card. Be sure to spend some time shopping at local markets across Europe. Most markets are not just a touristy thing to do, but places where locals come to buy their weekly or daily groceries.

The country is majestically beautiful, has world-class food and a spoken language that will immediately make you drool and fall in love. If you are from the EU, you should always make sure you have a completely FREE EHIC card, never pay for it! Speaking of trains, don’t forget to stamp your ticket on the small machines on board buses and trains while traveling. A card validation machine is on all public trains, buses and at the beginning of the platform.

Fortunately, there is a cheap way to board a gondola! With pre-booked tours and experiences, you can see the city from the water on a group or private tour without breaking the bank. When you’ve traveled all the way to visit a city, the last thing you want to do is spend all your time waiting in long lines waiting to get into museums. You can avoid this travel trap by booking your tickets in advance and purchasing the option to skip the line. In addition to food, Italy is super famous for its drinks. Think of the many world-famous wines as the first, such as Chianti.

It’s always interesting to read a different perspective of the things you need to know before visiting Italy. If you live here, I agree with you on the best time to travel, and about our cappuccinos we are very special. Coperto is something you’ll find in many restaurants, Treno rosso del Bernina but it’s standard. In 2019, Italy started implementing measures to protect the surplus of tourists and its historical sites. He is no longer allowed to sit on the Spanish Steps in Rome. Or crowd out the bridges of Venice, where many stop and take selfies.

If you’re in Milan, don’t miss a serving of Ossobuco with risotto. In the city of Lazio, try pasta or Bucatini all’amatriciana. A visit to Fiorentina won’t be complete without Bistecca Fiorentina, with cicchetti completing his Venice experience. However, you can easily avoid ticket lines by buying online in advance. The Vatican Museums are a perfect example of where you will feel the joy of passing the waiting masses and entering with a breeze.