Keyword Analysis Tool – More Important Than You Think

It hasn’t been long since I gave Google more respect than it deserves. I spent hours writing extremely valuable, fact-based content without any nonsense or nonsense. I figured that as long as I picked out the topic, did the research and write a great article, Google would put the article in its place and get organic traffic. I’ve been using this approach for about 6 months, writing literally hundreds of articles without using a keyword analysis tool. I waited patiently for traffic jams, but it didn’t happen.

After that, I spent several months building up links through article marketing, social networking, folders of websites, forums, social bookmarks, and many other methods. However, there has never been much movement. I was lucky enough to receive 10 unique visitors a day on all my blogs and websites. I started to think that ranking in Google is impossible.

So what did I do wrong? I’ve written a lot of great articles, provided incredibly valuable information, and received thousands of backlinks. Well, I’ll tell you exactly what I did wrong. I gave Google more respect than it deserved, and didn’t use a keyword analysis tool. Google is a simple bot with a list of following algorithms, that’s all. There’s nothing incredibly fantastic about that.

How can I know? I tested this in a simple little blog. That’s what I did. I bought a new domain name. The domain name had little to do with the niche. In other words, the domain name wasn’t that valuable, and this domain ran less than ten searches per month for accurate keywords. I then built a simple ten page blog on the subject in about two days. Each post is written around a specific key phrase with low competition found using a keyword analysis tool. I added ten to twelve tags to each post. The tags were tied to the main phrase and had slightly less competition than the main phrase. Tags were also found using a keyword analysis tool. I have absolutely no external search engine optimization applied to this blog.

I just leave it there, that’s all. After about a week the blog was fully indexed, receiving about 120 unique visitors per day. Needless to say, I didn’t think it was getting natural traffic so easy. At the same time, I wanted to slap myself for not trying it before. I’ve always heard people say “do keyword analysis,” but until recently I never really understood what they meant.

That’s the point. If you don’t have a blog or website with a high rating, with thousands of very valuable backlinks and a decent domain age, you probably won’t get points on keywords with high traffic. If you have a fairly new domain and very few backlinks, consider yourself a lower feeder. Looks worse than it really is. This simply means that you need to analyze your keywords before writing each article. I can’t stress that enough. Your keyword analysis is something that will make you or break.

It takes weeks to manually analyze keywords and still leaves a possibility to guess. Buying a good keyword analysis tool will save you a lot of time and money. Any good keyword analysis tool will pay off in no time.

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