Tips For Successfully Organizing Your Garage

Summer is the perfect time of year to garage clean out and hauling. After all, you have been putting it off for months on end, waiting for the ideal time. Well, that time is here!

Here are five tips to keep in mind for successfully organizing your garage:

1. Plan. Before you get started, think about your vision for the garage. Do you want to be able to park a vehicle in it or just have an organized area for all your outdoor belongings? You will also need to consider whether you need a kid’s area, storage or even a small workshop location.

2. Prepare. Once you’ve defined the vision, prepare by properly organizing what you need. While many people don’t want to put out the money, the benefits from the purchase of shelving, hooks, labels and cabinets is well worth the investment.

3. De-clutter. Roll up your sleeves and move everything out of the garage that you no longer need, or find a corner in the garage to stack it all. There will most likely be a lot of unwanted junk and items that you no longer need. You will need to get rid of these in order to really de-clutter and organize.

4. Install. When the garage is clear of all junk and unwanted items, it’s time to install the shelving or cabinets that you plan to use. Make sure that everything has a place. You may find it helpful, especially if you have children, to label exactly where things go, in order to help it stay organized. Another good way to organize is to mount peg board and hooks and outline the objects that go in each space.

5. Remove. At this point, to get the full effect of an organized garage, you should have all the unwanted junk hauled away.

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