Marijuana Varieties

This study is part of an integrated classification project for cannabis strains using genetic, chemical and morphological profiles, in which plants were grown in a commercial greenhouse in the same state. We believe that not only is the indicative / sativa labeling misleading, but also the names given to the tribes. For example, we found that two tribes called “OG Kush” looked more like other tribes with different names than each other. In general, tribal names are often not reliable indicators of a plant’s genetic identity and chemical profile.

The x axis is the number of PCA axes saved for DAPC and the y axis is the successful prediction ratio of results. The individual replicas appear as points and the density of those points in different regions of the graph is shown in blue. Cannabis is an incredibly diverse crop that produces over a hundred aromatic and psychoactive compounds with different aromas and effects. In addition to the complexity of cannabis compounds, research has also indicated the possibility of an “environmental effect”, in which terpenes interact with cannabinoids to mediate various psychoactive effects. We celebrate cannabis by offering a variety of varieties bred for certain characteristics . Most types during the day offer users a buzz, motivator, that inspires us to finish housework, go outside or tackle a creative project.

Variety names are generally chosen by their producers and often reflect the properties of the plant, such as the taste, color, odor or origin of the variety. The cannabis strains mentioned in this article are mainly those varieties with recreational and medicinal use. These varieties have been grown to contain a high percentage of cannabinoids.

There are differences between the Indica and Sativa cannabis strains in structure and effects when smoked. The question of how many types of cannabis there are remains in the minds of experienced drug addicts and newcomers. Maybe he could have tried different types of marijuana, but he couldn’t exploit them all. This is due to the different types of marijuana available on the market.

The multiple genetic tests used here address primary questions for the cannabis medical community and provide empirical evidence to support claims that inconsistent products are distributed. An important element for this study is that samples were purchased in multiple locations to maximize the chance of variation between samples. The conservation of genetic integrity through genotyping is only possible after evaluation of genetic consistency and the persistence of this aspect will promote genetic variability and phenotypic variation within cannabis. Tackling strain variability at the molecular level is paramount, while the industry is still relatively new. They are the ones that give rise to the large number of different options that you have every time you enter a pharmacy. They are part of what stimulates the growth and value of marijuana stocks.

There are 3 grass types that you will find on the market, but there is also a fourth. Of the four, three types of marijuana plants are the original species, and the bulk weed canada fourth is a derivative resulting from cross-processing of two other species. Weed tribes refer to different types of marijuana species derived from the main plant.

Some popular cannabis strains that improve the immune system are harlequin and acidic diesel. In addition, you can consider the other variants to ensure safe and solid immune routes. Make sure to do more research on the benefits of cannabis strains to accelerate the activity of the endocannabinoid system and its proper antioxidant effect. And as is often the case with cannabis, tradition is law, says Holmes. The idea of the entourage effect has taken root in the cannabis industry and in consumers. Marijuana pharmacies have started to list and announce different proportions of cannabinoids and provide detailed terpene profiles in certain strains and products.

New tribes are born every year as botanists experiment with crossing different species and playing with genetics to create even more remarkable plant qualities. The best variety of cannabis is a very personal matter and depends on your preferences, what effects you are looking for and how your body handles the chemical profile of the strain. Use this page to find information about different types of cannabis. Blue Dream is a hybrid variety of cannabis widely used for both medical and recreational purposes first developed in 2003.