P100 Permanente Make-up Tattoo Digitale Machine

It is easy to use and perfect for microblading in the machine, permanent eyeliner and more. For artists who want to invest in a high quality machine that is also affordable, this is a great product to try. It offers a user-friendly setup, an exciting digital platform and an ergonomic ballpoint pen design that makes direct work easier. This complete kit gives you everything you need to immediately create perfect eyebrows. For artists who like to make beautifully pixelated eyebrows, this is a product that suits their style. This machine features a cute color design that fits comfortably in your hand.

It is also used to remove wrinkles on the eyebrows, especially for the elderly, to remove acne, improve scars on the eyebrows and also to rejuvenate the skin. Accessories; This machine is designed for people who are willing to take their tattoo career to the next level. It has unique screw cartridge needles that make tattooing easier.

The pen does not contain a screen; therefore it is a more affordable product. Third generation equipment is a much more advanced version that allows you to use the four different modes and even lip permanent makeup practice medical tattoos in a medical way. As an artist, you will find that choosing the right pmu machine is crucial for your success as an artist and the quality of the work you can produce.

Even after running at high frequencies, the BIOMASER kit doesn’t create much noise. This tattoo machine is designed with a spacious aluminum frame and a powerful motor. This machine is compatible with all other tattoo power supplies and is designed to give you the feeling of a real feather. It can be used for tattoos, permanent makeup and lining.

The key to obtaining maximum precision results is minimal noise and vibration. The professional controls and adjusts the speed and power of the device needle. This is important for the best results and low epidermal trauma. We recommend that you inform your customers before tattooing them. Many users love Dragonhawk Mast Pen for its elegant appearance. It delivers exceptional results which is why it is our best favorite eyebrow tattoo pen.

This permanent make-up machine tattoo kit is an update of the P300 permanent make-up pen machine with foot pedal, microblading pigment, skin practice and ring ink cup. It is a very complete permanent makeup rotary machine for beginners. This permanent makeup machine comes with a lithium battery and an AC / DC adapter. The machine has an adjustable speed and works without making too much noise.

The makeup can operate at a frequency up to 8000 r / m. Anyone using these machines should ensure that they understand the concept of their use. This is more serious when it comes to using the permanent eyebrow tattoo machine. This is to ensure that the perfect depth, strength or application and speed of the needle is not exceeded when making incisions in the body. For a secure grip, the machine comes with a probe lock with tube. On the other hand, the needle has a needle holder that stabilizes it when used, making tattoos as accurate and accurate as possible.