To Perform SWOT Analysis Or Learn From Experts

How to do a SWOT analysis of your new website or blog to help your website or blog take 1st place on the Google page in 1 week. When you’re looking at the factors of your SWOT analysis, you should look at some of the critical factors that can help you immediately identify your home […]

Keyword Analysis Tool – More Important Than You Think

It hasn’t been long since I gave Google more respect than it deserves. I spent hours writing extremely valuable, fact-based content without any nonsense or nonsense. I figured that as long as I picked out the topic, did the research and write a great article, Google would put the article in its place and get […]

SWOT Analysis Example For Blogging

Earnings on blogs on the Internet have recently become one of the most talked about on the Internet. Many of us jump into the shopping cart without realizing the ability to blog for money. Some have created a blog to entertain or socialize with friends, some even thought of using it as an opportunity for […]

Understanding The Analysis of Your Blog Traffic

Analyzing your blog’s traffic is an invaluable resource for many reasons. But before you can fully use analytics, you need to know how to interpret the data. Most hosting companies provide basic information about traffic, but leave it to your discretion. However, the data you get from your blogging hosting provider can be overwhelming in […]

Strengths – The First Step in Your SWOT Analysis

Here are 4 stages of your analysis plan. Can you guess the first step in your competitive analysis? Strengths? Vulnerable points? Chances? Danger? If you choose “threats,” you have made the right choice. You can beat your competitors in their own game. Here’s how: Step 1: Find blogs like yours in your niche with your […]

Use SWOT Analysis to Formulate Strategy Or Adopt Others Strategy

Have you ever wondered how to conduct a SWOT analysis for your new blog? In my previous post I shared with you four SWOT factors for my own blog that helped my blog take the top spot in the Google page in 1 week. What I didn’t share with you is the strategies I used […]

Why Is It Better to Invest in Blogs Than Links?

When you strive to distinguish your business from the crowd, blogging advertising plays an important role in determining and determining the success of your business. Such movements make you take risks, think and try new things and be prepared for possible results. Getting the perfect influx of potential customers is a challenge when doing business. […]

Blog Writing – Is Blog Writing a Sure Fire Money Maker?

So you can make money with the Internet, right? These days, blogging is extremely popular, so blogging should be the best way. Especially the money in the bank … Yes? Well, if you start blogging for the sole purpose of making money, it will appear on your blog. People tend to hate it. This does […]

Does Blogging Get You More Sales?

“Everyone is too afraid to use the Internet for shopping.” Do you remember when they said that? Not so long ago. Look at us now. People can buy and buy anything online. Fear, really fear of change, is gone. They said television would ruin the movie. It doesn’t work that way. Cinema is a completely […]

The Importance of Equity Buildup in Real Estate Investing Deal Analysis

I have a reputation as someone who starts most real estate conversations with an easy-to-remember acronym describing the many benefits of investing: REALLY. Each letter IDEAL represents one of the advantages of investing in real estate: income, depreciation, capital construction, valuation and leverage. In fact I add control as another advantage, but I digress. While […]