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The student’s decision to study in https://www.dadi.com.hk/the UK is based on the country’s reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of education. Internationally recognized achievements combined with solid training make an impressive resume for a foreign student!

If you plan to take a course in the UK but do not know where to go, read on. Here is a list of the five most popular courses on which international students compete in the UK.


Course name – BSc (Hons) Broadcast Technology, MA/MSc Broadcast Futures
College Name – Ravensbourne College of Design

Course review: Considered one of the most famous courses in the UK. In fact, the media industry is the second largest in London, the financial capital of the world, also known as the world’s leading center of international trade and commerce. The opportunity to work for the world-famous BBC is what attracts students the most. Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London brings this dream into reality for many future broadcasting students. The College provides expertise on the latest trends in the technology market needed to study television journalism.


Course name – Master of Computer Animation 3D, BA (Hons) Animation Production
College Name – Swansea Capital University and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communications

Summary of the course: This area requires in-depth study and deep knowledge of 3D animation tools and techniques. Both institutions, Swansea Met University and Ravensbourne College, provide competent knowledge to students studying animation and graphic design. In fact, special attention is paid to the free and smooth flow of creative juices from students!


The course’s name is BA, Mode, MA. Mode
The name of the college is UCLAN and Ravensbourne College of Design

Course review: all students affected by the glamorous design lifestyle can take part in these courses. Ravensbourne College of Design and Communications enjoys a strong reputation in the market for its competent courses in clothing design and brand management. The emphasis is more on the successful combination of technology and creativity. The college offers many opportunities for future students to be creative in disaster!


The course’s name is Master of Forensic Preservation Genetics, Master of Forensic Anthropology, Bachelor of Forensic Chemistry with Honors, Forensic Medicine and Crime Investigation, Bachelor of Forensic Sciences with Honours and Doctor of Law
The college’s name is the University of Central Lancashire .UCLAN.

Summary of the lesson: Forensic medicine is one of those areas that requires constant guidance from students at almost every stage. The strict teaching model itself is enough to inspire students to work harder than ever. UCLAN offers qualified faculty and innovative teaching methods to help students cope with this difficult but rewarding career opportunity. In addition, your chances of working in well-known laboratories, companies and even in government will increase significantly after you get a DEGREE from UCLAN Forensic Science!

Glass design

The name of the course is BA (Hons) Restoration and preservation of stained glass, MA Glass.
College Name – Swansea Metropolitan University

Lesson plan: Indeed, there is a great demand around the world for the preservation and restoration of stained glass windows. Thus, a course on glass design at swansea University will help the student chart a career! Learn more about the design of architectural glass and its restoration. The university acts as a suitable tool for honing a student’s artistic skills. Moreover, with this university degree you have many advantageous opportunities.

In this review of Rocket Spanish we are going to take a look at the popular course. I’ll give you a rundown of the best features and some of the benefits of each one.

Rocket Spanish is a popular Spanish course created by the Rocket Languages team. They promise that in less than 3 months you will speak fluent Spanish.

Rocket Spanish offers you audio, visual, written and even interactive educational games that will interest and entertain you. Interactive games also allow you to easily and cheerfully replenish vocabulary, learn verbs and improve your verbal skills. The two main “games” are MegaVocab and MegaAudio.

MegaVocab is a game of the words “Spanish rocket.” It contains more than 2,000 words on more than 20 topics. Here’s how it works.

You start by choosing what you want to be asked. You’ll practice vocabulary from one of the chapters on grammar for beginners or advanced users, or you can choose from 23 specialized topics, including Family, Class, Weather and others. When you choose what you want to test, click Start and you will see a picture and an English word. Simply select the appropriate Spanish word from the 4 options on offer. If you do it correctly the first time, you will get the maximum number of points. You can keep guessing, one point less for each wrong answer, until you get the right answer.

MegaAudio is the response of Spanish language programs to the ability to understand spoken language. Here’s how it works.

Like MegaVocab, you choose the topics you want to test. Once you’ve chosen your theme (theme), click “Start” and you’ll be presented with 6 different images with the English word for the image below. The sound track plays the Spanish equivalent and you need to choose the right image. You get 6 points for the correct answer and lose one point for each wrong answer.

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