Six Marketing Mistakes Many Bloggers Make That Kill Their Blogs

Every day I visit a hundred blogs that I find on social networking sites or in search of a specific topic, and thanks to my participation in Entrecard, a network of blogs.

Because of my daily habit of visiting blogs, I read a lot of articles from different bloggers complaining that their blogs have very few visitors and that the advertisements placed on their sites by various advertising companies almost don’t get clicks a month, bringing me pennies of a cent of income. Some bloggers even sell their blogs!

As a result, I’ve catalogued a lot of what I call “bloggers’ marketing mistakes.” While I found it hard to believe that they posted in their blogs and in the comments on the forums, here are six of the most common marketing mistakes that many bloggers make to hack their blogs.

  1. “My blog is my marketing tool, so why would I advertise?”

At first glance, this seems logical. But it speaks to a complete misunderstanding of the role of marketing in bringing the blog to the target audience. Since 175,000 blogs are created every day and the blogosphere is already filled with tens of millions of blogs, how can people know that your blog exists if you don’t? Also, why would they visit your blog when there are millions of other blogs?

  1. “I already know who my potential readers are”

You may already know that your blog is focused on the interests of women, men, business, internet marketing or photography, celebrity gossip or travel. But do your potential readers know what your blog is about? If your readers don’t find out about your blog, they may not know it. Therefore, promoting a blog is easy.

  1. “The only thing that matters to my blog is quality content.”

Publishing quality content and updating it regularly is very important, but it’s not the only factor in keeping your blog on the market. If people, especially your readers and followers, don’t know about your blog, they won’t visit it.

Basically, if you don’t have daily traffic, your good quality messages won’t be read. This is an important fact, and you need to know whether you are blogging for self-expression, as a hobby, for money or for earning money.

  1. “Advertising is a waste of money. I’m here to make money on my blog.”

It is true that you should spend money on advertising and promoting your blog through advertising agencies or other blogs, preferably with established traffic. But what is the alternative to advertising?

Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your blog among your target audience readers, and it has a big impact on attendance, especially by generating absolutely unique visitors every day.

  1. “Marketing for bloggers who have something to sell online.”

Marketing, especially promotion, which is a marketing feature, applies to all blogs and websites, not just blogs related to internet marketing, online revenue or any product or service for sale.

The goal of marketing and promotion is to promote your blog in the world, educate your target audience and subscribers, and bring it into the blogosphere. Promoting your blog allows you to brand and portray your blog so you can distinguish it from other blogs in your niche, that is, from the competition.

  1. “SEO is more important than promotion.”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is good, as is promoting a blog. Like trolley and trolley, SEO and blog promotion go hand in hand, and one without the other is useless. SEO only comes into play if you post quality, unique content and regularly update it so that people using search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing can find your blog or content when they are looking for a topic in your niche.


As a blogger, no matter what kind of blog you have and what niche it belongs to, and whether you blog for self-expression, as a hobby, for money or for life, you are constantly engaged in marketing and promotion.

Ultimately, promoting a blog is essential to maintaining and expanding your readership and highlighting your blog among millions of other blogs. Otherwise, without marketing you will make the same mistakes as many bloggers, leading to the premature death of your blog.

Eli Gatanela is a lawyer, management consultant and real estate agent in the Philippines. Mr. Gatanela has been engaged in business and management consulting for the past twenty years, and has been engaged in private law practice for the past eight years, specializing in commercial law. He was formerly a professor of economics and business management and holds a degree in Economics, MBA and Law from the University of Saint-La Salle, one of the leading universities in the Philippines owned by the De La Salle brothers. Christian schools around the world. Mr. Gatanela is the head of his legal and consulting firm, Gatanela and Associates, based in Bacolod, Philippines.

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