Student Tickets

Here are some free or low-cost benefits you can offer your season ticket holders to boost sales. In today’s busy world, no one likes having to grab their credit card and stand in line at a ticket office every time they visit their stadium. A season pass gives your most loyal fans guaranteed american football access to every game without the hassle of buying individual tickets. Taking a real card, not just a paper card, with your name on it shows everyone around you that you’re not just a casual fan. Subscriptions activate superfans and help your team build a loyal following.

And instead of spending huge dollars on marketing, we just charge our members a lower price. And we guarantee that tickets will arrive in time for the game and work when you’re there. Automatic renewals give fans ongoing access to the benefits of a season pass.

Unlike other resale marketplaces, we check every standard, Platinum and VIP ticket we sell so buyers know they’re buying the real thing. And for resale tickets where the original ticket was sold through another ticketing company and then placed on Ticketmaster, we offer a money-back guarantee. Also, when someone buys tickets originally purchased from Ticketmaster, they are reissued in that buyer’s name, allowing you to be sure that your tickets are genuine and yours.

There are many ticket reseller sites where you can try your luck to get rid of tickets. On ticket reselling platforms, you can raise prices while watching the show and posting in all markets. Be sure to remove tickets from where you placed them as soon as you sell them to avoid a double sale. You can also give away tickets to your friends or family or post to sell or give away on social media.

This is because Craigslist is an open platform where anyone can sell. The site also has a smooth security policy and a less than ideal customer service. So if something goes wrong or if you buy forged tickets, you’re probably stuck with it. That said, tons of marketers use the platform, so if you know what you’re looking for, you can find great deals. There are few things you can do with tickets that you no longer need. First of all, you can always resell the tickets on sites like StubHub, Craigslist, SeatGeek or VividSeats.