SWOT Analysis Example For Blogging

Earnings on blogs on the Internet have recently become one of the most talked about on the Internet. Many of us jump into the shopping cart without realizing the ability to blog for money. Some have created a blog to entertain or socialize with friends, some even thought of using it as an opportunity for internet business.

You can start with a fun blog and then turn it into an online business opportunity if you plan everything correctly. You can use a variety of approaches. I’m sharing with you an example of approaches that you use SWOT analysis to assess the situation before you start a blog. Why start a SWOT blog analysis? You might be asked? You need to conduct a SWOT analysis because, above all, as an internet business you blog for money. Secondly, you want to succeed in this Internet business!

To run a SWOT blog analysis, you need to understand the basics of SWOT analysis. SWOT means strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are seen as external factors that reflect your own abilities and which you can control yourself. Opportunities and threats relate to external factors that we control normally. Examples of external factors: environment, policy, customer preferences, etc.

Once you understand the SWOT factors, you need to run a SWOT analysis of your blog. An example of this SWOT analysis of blogs is as follows: –


Some knowledge on the Internet
He is able to apply SEO technique
Some knowledge of SEM, for example. article directory, sending URLs
Wrote several articles
Some knowledge of HTML programming
Understanding the SWOT-analysis model | Matrix
Vulnerable points
After a while, he loses concentration
Poor article structure to attract search engines
Less knowledge about traffic
No access to the Internet
More ideas about what to write
Sharing knowledge on the Internet is increasing
Less competition with my area of interest
Public Wi-Fi cafe is gaining momentum
There are many free article publishers
Tough competition on popular topics
Web page rating is not guaranteed.
Sending spam
Repetitive content

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