100+ Silent Public Sale Item Ideas For Charities That Donors Will Love

Good ideas embody popular eating places, spas and salons, and other experiences. When selecting silent public sale objects, also knowing your constituents is crucial in the choice process. Organizations that have historically hosted auctions can discuss with their previous expertise in what was successful in bringing in tons of bids. Themed baskets are an especially […]

How To Run A Profitable Silent Public Sale

Auction item display sheets ought to contain all the essential information that you determined earlier when pricing your objects and making a catalog. Set commonplace bid increments at 10-15% of each item’s FMV.Increments may be routinely displayed for bidders with cellular bidding software program. Before reaching out to potential item donors, work along with your […]

Fundraising Silent Auctions

Too few items and you may not reach your target sales, guests will be disappointed and you could leave bid funds on the table. With the auction software, generating your event site is a simple process because the platform completes the site using the item records you have listed. However, you still need to customize […]

Fundraising For Silent Auctions

Now it’s time to discuss the mechanics of your silent auction, which brings us to another of our favorite silent auction rules…Go mobile! As I mentioned earlier, silent auctions are a common item that can be found at most fundraisers around the country. However, most silent auctions have not progressed in previous traditional formats – […]