To Perform SWOT Analysis Or Learn From Experts

How to do a SWOT analysis of your new website or blog to help your website or blog take 1st place on the Google page in 1 week.

When you’re looking at the factors of your SWOT analysis, you should look at some of the critical factors that can help you immediately identify your home or internet business. One of them, of course, is the constant attendance of your website or blog. For years I felt that I would be profitable if my site or blog would occupy a high position in Google. But I realized that it was wrong to suggest this after months of studying various examples of blogging and examples of strategies from other websites or blogs.

My discovery was new to me that the profitability of an internet business, whether it’s a website or a blog, is determined by many other factors. While page ranking is an important factor, it is traffic that attracts visitors to a website or blog. it is traffic that brings visitors that will sell or just leave. Target visitors are determined by the target keyword of your website or blog.

Many articles have been published promoting the idea or even software to increase the attendance of websites or blogs. It seems that creating targeted traffic is one of the strategies you can adopt before you do your own analysis. When you use an obvious strategy, be sure to evaluate it to see if it fits into your own strategy. Here are a few examples of additional strategies to get the best match between the SWOT analysis sample and yours.

Assuming you view traffic as one of the strategies, do it right away or, if you don’t know what to do, look further from different sources. Don’t take too many examples of strategies at the same time because you don’t know which one is attracting traffic. Once you’ve tried all the strategy examples, write down the results. Read more SWOT analysis here!

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