Use SWOT Analysis to Formulate Strategy Or Adopt Others Strategy

Have you ever wondered how to conduct a SWOT analysis for your new blog? In my previous post I shared with you four SWOT factors for my own blog that helped my blog take the top spot in the Google page in 1 week. What I didn’t share with you is the strategies I used for my blog.

By studying your SWOT factors, you should look for some of the critical factors that can immediately help you blog. One of the most important factors in the success of your blog is the constant and high attendance of your site. You could understand this as one of your strategies even before using the SWOT matrix.

Assuming that you agree to attract traffic to your website as a strategy and what you are going to adopt, do it right away or if you don’t know what to do, look for articles on marketing and start talking about others.

There are many articles and advertisements about traffic. Some are free and some are paid monthly. When you first start your own home based business, chances are you have a limited budget or you are not ready to invest heavily in your home business. If you have a small budget for your home business, you can still do internet marketing to attract traffic to your website.

One of the popular and free ways to get traffic is to create a back link. There are several ways to create a free back link. But you have to develop a habit of creating backlinks. Here are three common and free ways to increase traffic: –

Regularly send an article to article directories. For an article sent to the article directory, you can post a link in your resource box. As soon as your reader clicks the link, it will take you to your site and thus create a back link.

Commenting on the forum is another easy way to create a back link to your site. Join the relevant specialized forum. Send quality comments to strengthen your reputation on the forum. Many forums have a section where you can specify your URL.

You can comment on blogs. Find your niche blog and start commenting on it. Make sure you post quality and up-to-date comments to earn yourself a reputation on the forum.

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