What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Education At School??

Teaching children about sex can be difficult and uncomfortable, but most people find it necessary and essential. There is an ongoing debate about the realistic sex doll in schools. Teaching children the basics of sexual activity can help prevent unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases . A possible reason for this discrepancy is that extensive sex education teaches teenagers about contraception, which may increase the likelihood that they will use it specifically to prevent pregnancy and STDs Teenagers learn about contraception is an important part of the comprehensive sexual education curriculum.

You should never hurt a young teenager by being educated about sexual activities, teenagers should always be aware of some things associated with sexual activity. Sex education has been an important debate for children under eighteen just because some parents want it to be taught in schools and others not for various reasons. One of the reasons some parents fear their child with sex education is because they cannot imagine their child engaging in sexual activities, even though it is still possible. Most parents fear that their children will be exposed to sex, but they should always want them to be trained and aware of the many consequences sexual intercourse can have. Even parents who are in schools for sex education sometimes still feel uncomfortable approaching their children about sex.

Some parents are good at teaching children, but collectively children are better informed by a trained teacher. Teachers attend workshops and seminars specially developed for sex education programs. The curriculum and learning exercises will give students a better understanding of sexual diction. Many federal, state and local governments now support sex education with additional funds and resources. Most funds are also allocated to programs that only teach abstinence sex education.

That is why it is the responsibility of schools to develop this problem and to teach students as clearly as possible about it. In Iranian tradition, sexuality is a sensitive issue, which is why some people may believe that young singles do not need sex education before marriage . This is not a groundless fear, as Hillier and Mitchell agree; Comprehensive sex education includes teachings on abstinence, safe sexual practices, homosexuality and sexual diversity . Since sex education is provided in a value-neutral environment, young people have no guidance in this regard and can do whatever they want with the information provided. To curb high teenage pregnancies, governments can maintain policies that protect and promote the rights of women and girls, including the right to comprehensive sex education in schools.

He remains furious, but the voice of students is often left out when schools decide what to teach. So Myles and PBS News Hour Oakland Military Institute student reporters explore the pros and cons of various sexual education approaches and talk to students to find out how they feel about their sexual health education. Comprehensive sex education and only through abstinence and the onset of sexual activity and pregnancy in adolescents.”Adolescent Health Magazine, 42, 344–51, 2008.

Education to avoid sexual risks is also known only as education for abstinence or abstinence. It generally teaches that not having sex is the only morally acceptable, safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy and STIs (some programs don’t talk about contraception or condoms) unless it emphasizes failure. A 2010 study by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. USA It shows that 70% of parents and more than 60% of adolescents believe that sex should be reserved for marriage. Because of these figures, supporters of abstinence education believe that this should be the curriculum for sex education.

In addition, risky sexual behavior, such as unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners, is the second major route of HIV transmission in Iran . It is alarming that HIV infections in Iran are increasing and risky sexual behavior is causing an increasing percentage of these infections . His opponents are concerned that comprehensive sex education can encourage students to be sexually active due to exposure. Proponents of sex education, on the other hand, they see factual knowledge about sex, contraception and STIs are equally effective in slowing down sexual initiation and reducing STIs. With these divergent views on sex education in mind, this document aims to highlight the pros and cons of sex education at school. The document will demonstrate with authority that the merits of sex education outweigh its shortcomings.

As things stand, sex education is given in a secular context and any moral or religious background of education is ignored. The reasoning behind this is that the role of sex education is not to instruct children not to have sex, but rather to provide comprehensive and inclusive sex education. The spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in young adults is due to the low rate of contraception and a lack of information on safe sexual practices. Sex education can provide some insight into the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and the technique of using condoms for prevention. Because the subject is relatively sensitive, sex education in schools will certainly have a number of drawbacks.