What To Look For When Buying A New Pool Pump

It’s like your body when you’re not taking care of your kidneys, your body will slowly start to poison. Another thing, the life of a cartridge filter is very short and, to make matters worse, they are expensive. I would say that this is Intex Krystal Clear’s best choice for ultrafine filtration, although it is not suitable aquarium equipment for large pools. Actually, I always recommend this if your pool season is busy. You also don’t have to worry about local regulations and the impact of rewinding, as you only need to replace the filter. The S244T ProSeries is very similar to the S210T ProSeries, except that the former is designed for much larger pools.

That said, you want to question their efficiency, despite the fact that they filter out much smaller particles. Cartridge filters are more efficient compared to sand because they filter up to 10 – 15 microns. This will catch a large number of small ones; particles that a sand filter would not do.

Pay attention to the current specifications of your pump and filter and find a clutch that offers more horsepower and a larger filter surface. You have a large selection of cartridge filters or sand bath to choose from. A cartridge filter uses pleated fabric wrapped around a cylindrical core to filter pool water and trap dirt as it passes through the system. Cartridge filters are used in swimming pools and spas, are compact in size and do not need to be rewound. They are also easy to maintain, as they only need to be rinsed with a hose about every four to six weeks, depending on the size.

Once at the top of the sand filter tank, the pool water passes through a distributor to ensure it is evenly distributed over the sand bed. After the backwash cycle is completed and the system is flushed, the clean sand can restart the pool water filtering process. Rewinding your sand filter reverses the flow of water through the sand, starting from the sides at the bottom and working your way up, picking up debris and particles while you’re at it. As you can see, good pool maintenance doesn’t just depend on taking good care of your filtration system.

In addition to maintaining your filter, use a special sponge to absorb pool foam. Snails are caused by sunscreen lotion, body oils and other topicals used by swimmers. Since the foam does not leak into the backwash, you need to clean it separately. If you opt for a sand filter, do not forget to clean your sand regularly. Diatoms are a type of sedimentary rock that holds harmful particles.

You cannot increase the speed of the pump to increase or decrease the cleaning power to make it more energy efficient. Single-speed pool pumps are designed to run for about eight hours a day and should be able to turn the entire volume of a pool at least once. The VIVOHOME pool pump is built with a durable PP plastic housing and a stainless steel motor that provides high-quality suction power and excellent flow. The airflow ventilation helps with water filtration circulation and keeps your pool clean and hygienic. Ideal for all types and sizes of pools and spas above ground. The Intex® Krystal Light™ Sand Filter Pump keeps your pool water above ground clean, soft and refreshing.